How to save money on your Food Shopping!

Have you ever wanted to know how to save money on your food shopping bill? Spending a crazy amount of money each month just to eat and stay alive? I can feed a family of 6 for around £60-£70 a week by following these top tips!

My first and probably most important tip is to plan, plan and plan! You need to not only meal plan but also plan your shopping list and also how you will make things last! Start with your meal plan, I like to make a chart with all of my family members names alongside breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks then under each section I meal plan EVERYTHING! I do mean literally everything if you genuinely want to save money on your food shopping – I plan out every meal and snack for each person, generally main meals tend to be the same/similar especially evening meals but we will often have different lunches and different snacks so by planning this I avoid any unnecessary spending on extra things I don’t actually need (and save calories).

After I have planned every meal I will then compile a shopping list with all of my ingredients needed for all of those meals, I will then add any other shopping items that I may need such as soap or washing powder etc. The next step after this is VERY important in terms of saving money as I will then go through my cupboards and remove any item from my list that I don’t actually need to buy or that I already have. I always have some stock in my pantry from when certain things are part of a multipack so this is always worth doing!

Once I have my list and I have made sure it’s as precise as I can make it I will head to a budget supermarket such as Lidl or Aldi and I will happily purchase value or own brand products – it is CRAZY how much you can save by turning to own brand products and leaving the fancy labels on the shelf. You may have certain things that you just don’t enjoy as own brand and that’s also okay. It is about balance but being careful and sticking to your list! Don’t let the fancy end of isle offers or the ‘middle of lidl’ tempt you into spending money on things that you don’t really need! You’ve got this!

Be careful, stick to your list and then stick to your meal plan and you will be absolutely amazed at the amount of money that you could save on your food shopping bill! As a comparison I can easily spend £150-£160 for a weeks worth of groceries in a more well known supermarket when I don’t follow this plan but being sensible and organised and choosing a budget supermarket can save me in the region of £90-£100 a week! That could add up to £5,200 a year!!!

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