How to make money on YouTube?

Have you ever wondered how to make money on YouTube? I have successfully grown a channel to over 90k subscribers, have videos with over 7 million views and earn money every month through it, so here are my top tips for making money on YouTube.

First of all you need to know what kind of content you are planning to produce so that it can be tailor made to your audience. After all your audience is where you will make money on YouTube! Once you know your content genre and have an understanding of the audience that comes along with that you need to plan fun and engaging content that is appropriate for both of those things!

The next thing you are going to do and this is KEY is to look at your analytics, think of the analytics as your ticket to success! Study them, see where things are going well (and repeat those things) and see where you need to work on your content and work on it. As an example if you notice that the analytics show most people are clicking off at a certain point then go to your video and figure out why, it could be a silence or it could be you were waffling on too long! But there will be a reason so find it and fix it!

I realise this all sounds super easy and if that was the case then everybody would be making money on YouTube but the ‘secret formula’ to YouTube seriously is to know your audience, plan and film engaging content around that and to study your analytics every time and adjust your filming and videos accordingly! If you’d like to take a look at my channel as an example then its as follows –

And remember to have faith in yourself and your content and that will shine through in your videos!

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