Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight!

Want to lose weight? Drop 10lbs in 10 days? Here are my top 10 tips to lose weight! Having lost over 30lbs and dropped 3 dress sizes I thought I would share my top tips for losing weight1

My first tip and it may seem simple but is to be in the right frame of mind. If you don’t want to lose weight then subconsciously you will sabotage yourself whether you realise it or not. A positive and focused mental attitude really will help you to lose weight and even drop 10lbs in 10 days as I did!

An obvious one but I feel that it’s worth mentioning and that is to change up your eating habits! The chances are if you have found yourself gaining some extra lbs that your diet itself has slipped, combat this with planning healthy yet delicious meals and snacks that will provide energy, protein and also satisfy you.

Alongside eating better we also need to be drinking better! Now I am a HUGE tea lover and I have to admit I love a spoon of sugar in my tea, this was never something I was willing to sacrifice and so I would advise you to drink more water to stay super hydrated. Whilst I wasn’t willing to cut out my tea I have now limited to five cups of tea a day and drink water for the rest of the day. And I have also made an effort to drink a whole glass of water for every cup of tea that I drink, it was a strange adjustment to begin with but I feel like it was so worth it! You could also consider swapping higher calorie drinks to lower calorie drinks and even going alcohol free – some fab recipes for alcohol free cocktails here!

This one of my favourite top tips but possibly one of the hardest to achieve for me personally as a parent and that is to sleep more! You really want to be aiming for a minimum of 8 hours a night and I truly do believe that more sleep helps your body to take care of itself. Lots of studies have shown that good sleep helps weight loss so please make that shut eye a priority!

I’m going to jump right in there with this next tip which is motivation! It honestly doesn’t matter what you motivation is, whether its a health benefit, to look good in a certain outfit for a special event or to feel good in your own skin. Find your motivation and keep it front and center in your mind, keep that goal in sight and head for it!

My next tip may put you off but I really do suggest you give it a try – exercise! Now I used to joke that I was allergic to trainers and now I go to the gym 6/7 times a week…. why? Because I genuinely LOVE it, the gym leaves me feeling so good and so proud of myself that I absolutely prioritise the gym as my time. Now I am in no way suggesting you run out and join a gym (unless that’s what you feel comfortable doing then go for it) but anything as simple as a walk or an extra trip up and down the stairs or parking at the far end of a car park will all add up and burn calories so before you write it off, give it a fair chance!

Another of my top 10 tips to be prepared financially to commit to your weight loss journey whether this is just the extra money it will cost to make changes from convenience foods to fresh fruit, vegetables and meats for your meal all the way to purchasing workout gear and a gym membership if you want one.

Next is to be accountable which sounds super easy but if you’re anything like me then it would be all too easy to just ‘forget’ eating something or ‘just one won’t hurt’! Where as if you are accountable for all of your actions and consciously think it all through then you will be amazed at the difference it can make!

Personally for me I also found committing help so when I joined a local slimming world group I was committing personally and financially by purchasing a block of weeks alongside paying the joining fee instead of paying week by week. This means I also really want to get my moneys worth and not ‘waste’ any of it.

And lastly but super importantly I believe is to set your end goal. I have mini targets along the way but the end goal has never wavered which means that I can always focus on where I want to end up. And believe it or not it really does help to keep that end goal in the center of your mind.

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