Garden makeover on a budget

If like me you like to work on a budget and keep track of your finances but you’d like a beautiful garden makeover then this if for you!

A garden makeover doesn’t have to set you back thousands or even hundreds of £££’s if you’re willing to put a little effort in! My biggest top tip is to get your hands dirty, make things out of materials you already have for example this pallet wood planter! I also try to source any materials that I need from free sites or often even offer swaps, so if I have certain items I don’t need or use anymore I will list them on swap sites and ask for the things that I do need! It is AMAZING what people will trade if it saves you both some money!

Another top tip is to only replace the things that need replacing so for example replacing one fence panel instead of a whole fence! You can always buy some fence paint and paint the whole thing for a more uniformed look but for a LOT lower cost!

Something else to think about in terms of trading and swapping is potentally swapping actual trades! So as an example if you need a wall built or a patio laid, you could look for a builder will to swap his time and skill for a skill you have if perhaps you were a baker you could come to a mutual agreement to swap x amount of hours garden work for x amount of hours baking!

Another big suggestion from me would be to grow your chosen plants from seeds, yes this takes time and dedication but it can literally save you SO much money! I have bought many packets of seeds for less than £1, grown all of the seedlings and kept the ones I wanted and then sold the ones I didn’t – which means my time = money!

All in all I think its clear that in order to achieve your dream garden makeover on a budget you need to be putting in the time and the effort to achieve it!

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