Top Arcade Classics to Enjoy with your children!

If like me you have always enjoyed gaming but now you have children are trying to find a way for the two to co-exist and blend then read on! Here are my top Arcade classics that are a must for familys to enoy together!

I have enjoyed gaming ever since I was a small child and even remember the first mega-drive we had as children and how excited my dad was to bring it home for us! So many amazing memories created through hours of fun gaming led me on a search to see which games I could find to show my children that its not all the glitz and glammer that make a game amazing!

First up was Pac-man! Oh how I used to spend absolutely hours playing this game! And I found a super simlar one called Pac-Rat here which honestly I spent far too long playing, definitely one of those games that feels like you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole when you finally look at the time! Addictive but so satisfying!

We obviously have the go to for this generation of Roblox but I was looking for something different that we could enjoy together, I find roblox a bit throw away with the amount of games and also I dislike the chat feature!

And I also managed to find a whole section once I finally peeled myself away from Pac-rat which included Tetra Blocks – please if you introduce someone to one arcade classic, make it be this one!! You use the up arrow to rotate the shapes and the other three arrows to manoeuvre and it took me right back to playing Tetris on my brother’s gameboy as a child!

Honestly there are more games than I could mention individually but if you have any amazing sites or games that I should check PLEASE let me know in the comments! And Happy Gaming!

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