Best games to keep your brain busy!

If like me, you like to keep your brain working then you may be interested in my latest find! Whilst it looks relatively new there are LOTS of games on offer and I thought I would talk you through my favourite ones!

So the site I found is a free sire (great for any like minded budget finders out there) and seemed to originally feature solitaire but they have plenty of others to offer as well. I spent some time investigating and some of them are quite complicated but I like a challenge so I will work up to them.

My ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE so far has got to be a game called Candy House which is a three in a row type game, I love these and always try and challenge my own speed and time which I am hoping will keep my brain at full speed for as long as age allows?!

Honestly I had so much and wasted more time than I care to admit, but there has to be a balance right?! There are so many I could mention so definitely have a look around if you check it out but one of my other favourites was the logic puzzles section, more specifically Tetra Blocks!! One of the best games ever, who’s with me?

And the final section that I really think you should check out if the Hidden object section! I have been playing the Hotel part and whilst some are obvious, it almost lulls you into a false sense of security for those items you really have to look for! Definitely worth a go! I thought I would circle the last object that I had to find on this level so that you can see what I mean!

If you have any other brain teaser type games that you can recommend then please leave me a comment and let me know because I’d love to try them. Also let me know how you get on with these!

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