What to do when debt is piling up?!

Do you feel like debt is piling up and you are drowning under financial pressure? Need advice or a way out? Many of us are finding the current financial situation dire and struggling with day to day basic needs, some of us may have even acrued some debt just to trying to live. Whether that’sContinue reading “What to do when debt is piling up?!”

£200 AMAZON UK e-giftcard giveaway!

The prize on offer Here we have an absolutely amazing £200 e-giftcard giveaway! Are you worrying over energy bills, an upcoming birthday, general cost of living? Use this giftcard to ease that worry (you can even buy groceries via Amazon) or simply treat yourself or a loved one to something you have been wanting! MaybeContinue reading “£200 AMAZON UK e-giftcard giveaway!”

Lush WOW Gift Hamper Giveaway!

We are less than 3 months until the big C…. Christmas! I am like a child at Christmas, I absolutely LOVE it and get so into every aspect and with that in mind when an opportunity came to get involved with a festive gift hamper giveaway I had to say yes! Here if your chanceContinue reading “Lush WOW Gift Hamper Giveaway!”

Top Arcade Classics to Enjoy with your children!

If like me you have always enjoyed gaming but now you have children are trying to find a way for the two to co-exist and blend then read on! Here are my top Arcade classics that are a must for familys to enoy together! I have enjoyed gaming ever since I was a small childContinue reading “Top Arcade Classics to Enjoy with your children!”

How and when to consider upgrading your house!

There are many reasons to upgrade your house ranging from simply wanting something different to the nessecity of needing extra space as your family grows! I have recently found myself in the situation of needing extra space, currently my three sons share a bedroom that although is extremely generous in size as they are growingContinue reading “How and when to consider upgrading your house!”

Garden makeover on a budget

If like me you like to work on a budget and keep track of your finances but you’d like a beautiful garden makeover then this if for you! A garden makeover doesn’t have to set you back thousands or even hundreds of £££’s if you’re willing to put a little effort in! My biggest topContinue reading “Garden makeover on a budget”

Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight!

Want to lose weight? Drop 10lbs in 10 days? Here are my top 10 tips to lose weight! Having lost over 30lbs and dropped 3 dress sizes I thought I would share my top tips for losing weight1 My first tip and it may seem simple but is to be in the right frame ofContinue reading “Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight!”

How to make money on YouTube?

Have you ever wondered how to make money on YouTube? I have successfully grown a channel to over 90k subscribers, have videos with over 7 million views and earn money every month through it, so here are my top tips for making money on YouTube. First of all you need to know what kind ofContinue reading “How to make money on YouTube?”

How to save money on your Food Shopping!

Have you ever wanted to know how to save money on your food shopping bill? Spending a crazy amount of money each month just to eat and stay alive? I can feed a family of 6 for around £60-£70 a week by following these top tips! My first and probably most important tip is toContinue reading “How to save money on your Food Shopping!”